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Pete Robbins Transatlantic Quartet

In a city with an embarrassment of jazz riches, industrious saxophonist Pete Robbins has become a talisman of NYC's new generation and is a talking point of the city’s press as a force to be reckoned with. JazzTimes described him thus, “dark and vivid colours, compositions that shift and mutate, falling in and out of grooves, bursting into rocking squeals. This is quirky 21st-century jazz, ably performed by a forward-thinking band that transforms a cerebral sound into something visceral”.

Of Robbins’ nimble alto playing, The Village Voice was reminded of “just how pretty modern jazz can be.” The band in this instance is Danish guitarist Mikkel Ploug, highly rated drummer Sean Carpio, and one of Ireland’s most creative jazz exports, bass guitarist Simon Jermyn, now firmly established in Brooklyn’s creative music scene.

Tickets 8/10 euro available only on the door

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