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Phil De Greg

Now’s your chance to hear our recently acquired Kawai acoustic piano, which will get a thorough work out under the fleet hands of internationally renowned player Phil De Greg.

From his base in Cincinatti, he’s toured extensively, his harmonic and rhythmic sensibility proving attractive to an illustrious roll call of US horn players, including JJ Johnson, Slide Hampton, Stanley Turrentine, Junior Cook, Eddie Harris, and on it goes.

An alumnus of the jazz hothouse that is North Texas State, he’s also a Yale psychology graduate, and a very active educator himself.

His 1995 publication “Jazz Keyboard Harmony” brilliantly demystifies the arcane world of chord voicings and has become a staple of music departments across the world. Expect a similar clarity when he debuts at The Pendulum, with Tommy Halferty (gtr), Ronan Guilfoyle (bass) and Conor Guilfoyle (drums)

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