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Piece by Piece #10: Bianca Gannon

Piece by Piece: Bianca Gannon
Friday 4th December, 20:00 GMT
Streaming on IMC's Youtube channel

Following the international success of the series Piece By Piece in April-May 2020, Improvised Music Company (IMC) return with a second season of this unique musical ‘chain letter’ of online improvisation, with eight exciting new artists from Ireland creating new work in sequence.

The first series of Piece by Piece demonstrated the rich possibilities of the online medium, as some of Ireland’s finest improvising artists created new musical works. Creative use of film and manipulated visuals showed the artists’ inspirations and thought processes, and became as much part of the experience as the music. With a fresh impetus for this second season of Piece by Piece, the principle of interconnectedness will continue, with each artist’s performance influencing or inspiring the next.

The second work in the series comes from pianist, gamelan player, and composer Bianca Gannon on Friday 4th December.

Based in Melbourne, Bianca Gannon is a musician-composer and curator from Ireland. A keen multi-disciplinary collaborator, Bianca creates immersive multi-sensory experiences and synaesthesias. 'Light' in various forms is a predominant theme in her work. In the act of breaking down barriers, in presenting art which is complex yet accessible, Bianca is motivated by that which connects us. On piano, gamelan and loop pedal, Bianca brings together her training in classical composition, improvised music and Indonesian gamelan to create a chiaroscuro of otherworldly resonances and trance-like dissonances.

The eight sequential solo performances for ‘Piece by Piece’ Season 2, will be broadcast via IMC's YouTube channel, as well as IMC's social media platforms on Fridays at 8pm.

Enjoy fresh new music, influenced in real-time, from world-class Irish improvising musicians, telling the story of these times through new music and live performance, piece by piece.

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