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Rodrigo Pahlen

It ain't the climate, but something in Dublin is proving attractive to musicians from the southern hemisphere, and the latest to give in is Uruguayan pianist Rodrigo Pahlen.

Though he’s recently moved here from his native city of Montevideo, this outstanding pianist spent his formative years in Zurich, before moving to Latin America, later returning to Europe for composition studies in France. All that shuttling between old and new worlds has impacted on his musical identity, which straddles contemporary jazz, medieval music and folkloric styles of Uruguay and neighbouring Argentina and Brazil. Previously, he’s been a featured soloist and composer for The Montevideo Philharmonic and collaborated with musicians like Paquito D’Riviera and Mino Cinelu.

His Dublin debut is in trio with drummer Sean Carpio and bassist Cormac O’Brien, with guests Ariel Hernandez (guitar) and Colm O’Sullivan (flute).

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