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Ruba Shamshoum Album Launch

On May 25th, Palestinian vocalist Ruba Shamshoum will celebrate the launch of her debut album ‘Shamat’ (Beauty Spots) with a full-band-gig at Whelan’s upstairs, with the support of IMC - Improvised Music Company .

Ruba is influenced by a wide range of music, from her roots of Palestinian traditional music to rock, pop and jazz, which is abundantly heard in the songs through the unique vocal melodies, catchy hooks, tight grooves and powerful chord progressions. She sings in both Arabic and English, and uses music to deal with identity, anger, lack of communication, fear and love.

2016 was a great year for Ruba’s music; playing international festivals, giving a TED talk at TEDx London Business School, and recording her first album with acclaimed musicians. This gig at Whelan’s will be a celebration of the long journey that took to get here, and the longer journey ahead.

“Ruba’s songs have strong narratives about exile, hope and love. Her distinct jazz influences allowed space to flourish with a band drawn from the elite of the Dublin jazz scene.” Hot Press

“Jazzy, soulful and heart-felt, her catchy compositions are infectiously delightful. Her formal jazz training is evident in the improvised vocal scat she peppers into her songs that creates a beautifully vintage atmosphere of a bygone era.” Mideast Tunes

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