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Ryan Blotnick / Peter Van Huffel Quartet

The flow of migrant jazz labour to 12 Aungier St shows no sign of abating in 2008, and next to adorn the Pendulum stage are a brace of New York based players, in town to reacquaint themselves with bassist Simon Jermyn and drummer Sean Carpio.

Canadian saxophonist Peter Van Huffel, described by Time Out NY as a "compelling melodist with a fiery outward-bound streak and a penchant for layering opposed rhythms in quirky ways" has recently made a recording debut for Barcelona's Fresh Sounds label, while 24 year old Maine born guitarist Ryan Blotnick, has an imminent release on Songlines.

Both these exceptional young musicians reflect the current creative appetite with music that moves unimpeded between the orthodoxy of form and chords and a more ambiguous territory that embraces open textures and colours. Nothing stands still in NYC, and you won't get a better chance this year to hear who's moving and shaking among the next generation.

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