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Schnellertollermeier + Twinkranes

The first in a series of exciting double-headers presented by Improvised Music Company

Swiss power guitar trio schnellertollermeier opened 12 Points with a bang back in 2014, when the Dublin festival of young European jazz and experimental music took place in Sweden.
Their heart-stopping sound sits at the crossroads of the European improvising tradition and the brute rock from across the Atlantic. The melodic lines come tight and fast, anchored by strong rhythmic architecture that builds to imposing thunderous peaks.

"there are echoes of punk, metal and krautrock, and there is still that sense that it may all descend into chaos at any moment, but beneath Schnellertollermeier’s punkish exterior beats a more urbane heart... the glowing edge of creative music" - Cormac Larkin, The Irish Times

Dublin’s Twinkranes create psychedelic progressive pop, skillfully harassing drone and the 4/4 motorik beats of Krautrock to create a hypnotic & visceral live show, forging a brief but noticeable rip in the space-time continuum
“this asbo version of krautrock... fans of long, spacey drones will find plenty to enjoy in Twinkranes’ fearsome neo-psychedelia.” - The Guardian!

An intense and unmissable double headline show of impenetrable rhythms and experimental soundscapes, not for the faint of heart. "

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