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Presented in association with the Hugh Lane Gallery 'Sundays at Noon' series

Solo Piano Series: Eyolf Dale

Eyolf Dale will be the next of the many brilliant contemporary pianists presented by IMC at the 'Sunday's at Noon' concerts in the Hugh Lane Gallery during 2016.

This series will consist of two seasons, one in Spring/Summer and one more in Autumn. Within each season, three acts of exceptional originality will perform at these FREE concerts in the beautiful gallery.

Norwegian pianist Eyolf Dale is a man of many talents.
The Oslo native recently signed to notable UK record label, Edition, for his new octet album “Wolf Valley” which, interestingly, is an English translation of his name.
Since his emergence as “one to watch” in 2008 while still a student at the prestigious Norwegian Academy of Music, Dale has been a prolific composer, writing music for big bands, symphony orchestras, string quartets, choirs, vocal groups as well as two celebrated solo albums where his talents as an arranger, composer and improviser are mapped to the melodic and harmonic soundscape of piano. Today he is a prominent fixture in the Norwegian jazz panoply of jazz talents.

Dale first came to prominence at Improvised Music Company’s 12 Points festival in 2009, performing in duo with tenor saxophonist Andre Roligheten. Even then it was apparent that Dale’s considerable talents on piano were worthy of our attention. That duo, Albatrosh went on to win Best Band in the European Jazz Competition of the North Sea Jazz Festival that same year, and Dale was subsequently awarded the pianists 1st prize in the annual Nomme Jazz festival in Estonia the following year.

His solo work, particularly on his second solo album, “Hometown Interludes” (2013) showcases the mature lyrical introspection that we often associate with Norwegian jazz, but equally, there is an explorative curiosity and restless free elements that is becoming an emergent hallmark of the younger Nordic improvisers.

The last concert of this season will be held on June 5th.

Season 2
· September 4th
· October 9th
· November 6th

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