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STRUT at the Peacock

All the world's a stage, and from New Yorks ‘Village Vanguard’ to London’s ‘Ronnie Scott’s’, the quintessential jazz club has always been at the fulcrum of urban musical creativity. Its intimate stages have played host to seminal live experiences, its musicians have blossomed and thrived and their very existence has be the cornerstone of ‘the scene’. Even established musicians often eschew the larger concert halls in favour of these smaller club shows, where the band are closer to the audience and the energy is palpable.

Dublin, despite it’s rich musical heritage and output doesn’t have a dedicated space like these aforementioned legendary live haunts.

With STRUT we bring that vibe, that energy, that excitement, and that crucial sense of discovery to the Peacock stage. Jazz is a lot like theatre; it’s alive, it’s organic and each performance is different..

For four days on the Peacock Stage STRUT highlighted some of the best contemporary domestic and international talent in our Pop-Up Jazz Club in November 2015.

Wednesday 18th November: Ibrahim Electric

Thursday 19th November: Blue Eyed Hawk // 3G featuring Gerhard Ornig

Friday 20th November: CEO Experiment feat. Richie Buckley & Brian Dunning // Gabriele Mirabassi & Francesco Turrisi

Saturday 21st November: The Necks

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