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Sun Ra Lives!


** Contact to take part in this event **

In celebration of LoveLive Music day on 21st June, Outerspaceways Inc. will be leading a Sun Ra tribute troupe throughout the city, culminating in a massive blow-out in Meeting House Square at 6pm.

People of Dublin! Sun Ra, who has ascended to his home planet of Saturn, is calling you. Acting through his divine emissaries in Dublin, you are hereby invited to join forces with OuterSpaceways Inc., to make some joyful noise in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar on Friday 21st June at 1800hrs earthtime

OuterSpaceways Inc. are an underground collaboration of Dublin bands OKO and Ghozties, who’ve previously come together for pop up happenings at festivals like Electric Picnic, Body & Soul and Down With Jazz. Along with a dirty dozen friends from the Dublin jazz scene, they’ll make a series of guerilla performances around the city as part of Love:Live Music 2013. Locations are currently under wraps so follow us on Twitter @ImprovisedMusic or on Facebook/IMCmusic

We'll be descending on Meeting House Square for a final blow out, loud enough to reach the stratosphere, and thats where we need your help.

We’re looking for 50 players to be part of a cosmic happening right here in Dublin.

Age and style doesn’t matter. All you need is some basic musicianship, an instrument that’s acoustic and portable, and an open mind. No rehearsals necessary, all you need to do is preregister here and we’ll email you a downloadable set of cues and instructions before the big blow on Friday 21st. it will be Hiberno-futuristic!

** By signing up for Sun Ra Lives, you'll be part of a very special happening for Love: Live Music 2013, bringing to life the music

of one of the most colorful and visionary musicians in the history of jazz.

This is a participatory thing, and whether you're a very accomplished player or just getting started, there is a place for you in the band!

It doesn't matter what you play as long as its acoustic, as we'll have no power or amplification, just the beautiful sound of humans at play.

Any kind of brass, woodwind, strings or portable percussion will work, so everything from ukeleles to piccolos - the more the merrier. If singing is your thing, bring your voice. Once you've registered, you'll receive downloadable instructions from us. This will contain some very simple visual simbols, instructions like "play a long note" or "play an ascending line", and these are the simbols we will use on the day to direct the performance.

You'll also receive a soundfile with two really basic riffs, and the lyrics to a Sun Ra song which we'll use on the day. You don't have to be a singer for this part, just join in in whatever way feels right. The performance will take place from

1800 - 1830 hrs in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar on Friday 21st, and is not weather dependent, as we'll be underneath the rainscreen recently installed on the square. You can come down to the square at any time, as there will be music there throughout the day, but its important you are there no later than 17.30 so we can help you get ready for the performance.

Sounds like your thing? Contact and they'll be able to send you all the information that you need.

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