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Swiss Indian Orchestra

Improvised Music Company presents

Swiss Indian Orchestra

Sarah Buechi has made quite an impression on the Irish creative music scene since moving here in 2008, busy performing in bands like Trilogue, Lupo, and teaching in Newpark Music Centre.

After graduating herself from Lucerne’s prestigious Musikhochschule, she took a lengthy sabbatical in Bangalore immersing herself in South Indian classical music. The results are apparent in her use of its demanding rhythmic and vocal techniques in a jazz context that also reflects the influence of creative singers like Vienna Art Orchestra founder Lauren Newton & fellow Swiss vocalist Susanne Abbuehl.

She's already making inroads in bridging the two traditions to create an arresting fusion of styles, and has been working with musicians like Kenny Wolleson, Nils Wogram and Steve Coleman.

Here, she performs in a more traditional context and joining her are fellow devotees of the subcontinent’s music, Roman Glaser (flutes/bansuri), Eric Hunziker (guitar/sitar)and Marius Peyer (tabla).

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