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Tapestry Unravelled - Christine Tobin & Liam Noble

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Tapestry Unravelled

Christine Tobin & Liam Noble

"A kind of alchemy at work…the sheer quality of Tobin's performance and collaboration with Noble makes this album so special." The Irish Times

“One of the most gifted and original singer/songwriters in today’s jazz world.” BBC Music Magazine

Carole King's 1971 opus Tapestry is among the great totems of popular music. It’s recast here with great tenderness and poignancy by Irish chanteuse Christine Tobin, who embraces these beautifully crafted songs with a characteristic infusion of warmth and creativity.

Based in London, a 2008 BBC Jazz Award was a fitting acknowledgement of the impact she’s made on the UK music scene since locating there in the late 80’s. Over seven albums, including 08’s acclaimed Secret Life of a Girl (Babel), she has carved out a creative niche that moves gracefully between jazz, folk and blues in her streetwise style, with a voice that is soulful and uninhibited, and eloquent in its directness.

Accompanist is too modest a word to describe what Liam Noble brings to this pas de deux. A standout among the impressive ranks of UK jazz pianists, he’s a master of colour and harmony, drawing deep reflective hues from Tapestry’s ballads, opening out to a rolling gospel style when tunes like I Feel the Earth Move call for the groove.

They enjoy a special rapport, evident in how they bring these indelible songs forth structurally intact, yet comfortable in their intimate new soundworld.

Listen to samples from Tapestry Unravelled and more on Christine Tobins website:

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