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Francesco Turrisi - accordion, harmonium, percussion

Nick Roth - saxophones, flutes

Emer Mayock-flutes, whistles, pipes, fiddle

Robbie Harris - bodhran, percussion

Kate Ellis – cello

Francesco Turrisi presents this latest evolution of his Tarab ensemble, which has become eloquent in its linking of modal jazz to traditional music from across Europe.

For his part Turrisi, a Milan native, has made a real impression since moving to Ireland, bringing a fresh perspective informed by his background in Italian baroque music and jazz piano. In Tarab he performs on accordion and frame drums, and convincingly bridges traditional music from around the Mediterranean in a band that also includes saxophonist Nick Roth and cellist Kate Ellis. Their jazz and classical backgrounds are finely countered by traditional flautist Emer Mayock who, along with percussionist Robbie Harris, brings an innate understanding of melody and form in Irish music. Turrisi directs proceedings with taste and subtlety throughout, deftly balancing these powerful elements to harmonious effect.

The Arabic word "Tarab" describes a state of ecstasy and surrender one enters while listening to music with body and soul. When I created the ensemble Tarab in 2007 I imagined a connection between my southern Italian and Mediterranean origins and my musical journey and experience as a jazz musician. Following a successful Deis funded project in 2008 called Diwan Eireann, Tarab has evolved into a project that aims to create an imaginary link between aesthetic elements of Mediterranean music and the Irish instrumental and vocal tradition. Starting from common elements such as similar instrumentation, ornamentation and performance, Tarab develops new musical language based on improvisation, instrumental virtuosity and exciting rhythms.

**Part of Summer Sensational Festival July 8-11**

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