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Tarab - Dublin

Francesco Turrisi - percussion, accordion
Nick Roth - alto sax
Robbie Harris - percussion
Emer Mayock - flute
Kate Ellis - cello

Tarab is an ensemble directed by Turin-born pianist, accordionist, percussionist Francesco Turrisi. Focussing primarily on the influence that arabic music has had in many countries touched by the Mediterranean Sea- most notably of southern Italy, Greece and Turkey, the ensemble comprises musicians that come from different musical backgrounds- mostly jazz and traditional music. In this latest evolution of his Tarab ensemble, Turrisi provides an eloquent link between traditional Irish music and that of the Mediterranean. The quartet includes traditional flautist Emer Mayock and percussionist Robbie Harris, who bring to the table their own innate understanding of melody and form in Irish music, and the alto sax of Nick Roth, a player as comfortable exploring traditional Balkan music as he is with contemporary jazz. Turrisi performs on accordion and Arabic frame drum, and exercises taste and restraint throughout, deftly balancing these powerful elements to harmonious effect.

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