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The Devil’s Spine Band

The line-up for this performance will be: Trevor Knight (keyboards/vocal) Ed Deane (guitars/vocal), Cindy Cummings (dancer/vocal), Garvan Gallagher (bass/vocal), Kevin Malone (drums/percussion), Áine Phillips (performance artist) and guests.

The Devil’s Spine Band was created in 2011 to act as a flexible vehicle for an eclectic group of musicians and artists (dance, butoh, visual, film, performance) interested in stretching the boundaries of their various disciplines and combining to create a stimulating new experience for audiences.

Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s lecture tour to the mining town of Leadville Colorado in 1881, they will invite you into their surreal desert world with music that incorporates Spaghetti Western, blues, free improvisation and ambient electronic written by Trevor Knight and Ed Deane.

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