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The Necks

"Entirely new and entirely now. They produce a post-jazz, post-rock, post-everything sonic experience that has few parallels or rivals."
- The Guardian

The Necks are:

  • Chris Abrahams - piano
  • Lloyd Swanton - bass
  • Tony Buck - drums

It's rare that a band can be said to be truly peerless, but its an apt description for Sydney's The Necks, returning to Ireland for a brace of shows on foot of the release of their eleventh album, Drive By. The Necks create sound from the basic tools of the jazz piano trio - a format heavy with historic precedent and contemporary practitioners -and breathe new life into the approach.

They take these building blocks of piano, bass and drums and construct lengthy extended pieces which equally reward both deep listening and drifting contemplation. Playing on the audience's heightened sensory awareness, The Necks evoke the early phase experiments of Terry Riley and Steve Reich and the contemporary grooves of EST.

Necks music has a deep metaphorical resonance, like hearing the world in a grain of sand or not stepping in the same river twice, from the ebb and flow of the tides to the slowly setting sun. From the simplest of motifs, they painstakingly add colours and textures, with shifting pulses that delicately fray time, gradually coalescing into ruminative pieces that can reach the hour mark.

Fifteen years since their debut, these three musicians think and hear as one. No two Necks concerts sound alike, and now they invite you to break further new ground.

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