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Trí60 with Cathal Hayden, Brian Finnegan, Benedicte Maurseth, Matthias Loibner

So far, its has been a natural and organic dialogue, a constant ebb and flow of ideas, creativity and exchange, borne on the sociability of traditional music and the diasporas that carry it with them.

Continuing in that spirit are Tyrone’s banjo and fiddle powerhouse Cathal Hayden and Armagh flute virtuoso Brian Finnegan, who will perform with two outstanding European musicians. From the western fjords, Benedicte Marsauth plays the hardingfele, Norway’s traditional fiddle with its mysterious soundworld. Tunes from old Europe come to life with Vienna’s Matthias Loibner, who brings a contemporary and very original perspective to the enigmatic vielle a roux, or hurdy gurdy as its more commonly known. After three days of rehearsal and interaction, the quartet will bring their freshly minted music to the Little Museum of Dublin on Saturday 6th October.


With the kind support of the Norwegian Embassy

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