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Trio Corrente- Pendulum

Improvised Music Company presents

From Sao Paulo

Trio Corrente

Edu Ribiero - drums | Paula Paulelli - bass | Fabio Torres - piano


If you thought Chico Pinheiro in Whelans last June was an exposition of the very best in contemporary Brazilian music, then you are going to love Trio Corrente. It’s an all star cast from the highest echelons of the São Paulo scene that includes Edu Ribeiro, the sensational drummer with the aforementioned young guitarist, while pianist Fabio Torres is currently working with Joyce and bassist Paulo Paulelli is a mainstay in the bands of Ivan Lins and Chico Barque, historical figures both. As a trio their star is in the ascendance in this most jazz inclined of Brazilian cities, where they are the rhythm section of choice for mandolin virtuoso Hamilton de Holanda.

Their eponymous debut Corrente (Maritaca) boldly recasts the high watermarks of composers that reflect the breadth of Brazilian music, from Jobim to Pixinguina, from the perspective of a typically discursive contemporary piano trio. Fender Rhodes lends a funky edge to proceedings and the playing for all three is extremely agile, the arrangements often breathtaking, as they move across rich rhythmic terrain of bossa, samba and choro, always with that Brazilian gift for equal parts lightness of touch and heavy grooving that stimulates the musical pleasure centres.


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