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UMBRA album launch (Dublin show)

Comprised of some of the most promising musicians on the Irish jazz scene, Umbra's modus operandi is high-energy, thought provoking performance with an emphasis on intricate compositions.

Led by guitarist and composer Chris Guilfoyle, Umbra is his vehicle to showcase his unique take on contemporary jazz. The music is a blend of harmonic and melodic sophistication reminiscent of artists like John Hollenbeck and Jim Mcneely, cyclical grooves evoking comparisons with IDM and math metal, all played with the energy of a punk-rock band.

Their debut album“West” is inspired by Chris Guilfoyle's solo journey along the entire west coast of the United States and Canada, with a broad sepctrum of emotions that it evoked.

Umbra will TOUR this album around Ireland from the 5th to the 9th of September, with their Dublin date supported by IMC.

5/9/17 - Crane Lane, Cork

6/9/17 - Central Arts, Waterford

7/9/17 - Billy Byrne's, Kilkenny

8/9/17 - Black Gate Cultural Centre, Galway

9/9/17 - The Grand Social, Dublin

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