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Whirligig VIII - Brazilian Blow-out

Saturday 28th April, 8pm ‘til late
Adm €18

  • From Rio De Janeiro: Lucas Santtana
  • From São Paulo: Trio Corrente
  • Special guests: Lex Woo & Disco Brasil

Whirligig VIII goes big on Brazil as we bring you a band each from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, with an after show party courtesy of deejay Lex Woo and the Disco Brasil extended family.

Equal parts Tom Ze and Thom Yorke, Rio’s Lucas Santtana is among Brazil’s most dynamic new singer songwriters. Using samplers, pedals and filters, Santtana creates haunting, disorientating and captivating work, while the Brazilian love affair with lilting rhythms and poetic lyrics is ingrained in even his most experimental creations. Plenty of that here: sambas laced with samples and electronica, reggae tinged instrumentals and droll songs in English about muddy backyards and romantic mornings.

From São Paulo, Trio Corrente boldly recast the songs of composers that reflect the breadth of Brazilian music, from Jobim to Pixinguina, and it’s all done from the perspective of a typically discursive contemporary piano trio. Fender Rhodes lends a funky edge to proceedings and the playing from all three is extremely agile, the arrangements often breathtaking, as they move across rich rhythmic terrain of bossa, samba and choro, always with that Brazilian gift for equal parts lightness of touch and heavy grooving that stimulates the musical pleasure centres.

Post show it will be a Saturday night to remember with caipirinhas at the bar, a Brazilian jam session in the front parlour and old school tunes from DJ Lex Woo until late.


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