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Redivider / Leafzang / Hugh Buckley 4tet / Asteroids of Doom / Shane Latimer / Clang Sayne Dublin musicians have the antidote to your Christmas cabin fever inviting you to kick off 2013 in the company of six of their best bands on the sixth day of the New Year. Workin’ was the title of a landmark 50’s album from Miles Davis, and the spirit of jazz right now features strongly in this multi band line up across two cosy spaces at The Workman’s Club. RedivideR is the vehicle for drummer Matt Jacobsen’s quirky tunes, full of rhythmic preoccupations, deft changes of direction, and inviting spaces for his bandmates to occupy, and their debut album Never odd or even was one of the best Irish jazz releases of 2012. Leafzang explore freewheeling terrain that acknowledges the influence of Nordic artists like Jan Garbarek and the output of the ECM label. Cello, clarinet, saxophone, acoustic guitar, upright bass and drums are colour palette for the writing of guitarist Patrick Groenland, striving for something folky and lyrical with a universal appeal. Clang Sayne is the platform for adventurous Laura Hyland, back in Dublin after a creative spell in London, where she won a lot of friends for her exhilarating, genre spanning approach to songwriting and improvisation. International Bar regulars Asteroids of Doom also go down the improv route, with a bone shaking, hard grooving two drummer set up. Hugh Buckley convenes a swinging quartet of JJ Smiths stalwarts, and there’ll also be an unpredictable solo set from OKO guitarist Shane Latimer.

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