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Improvised Music Company & Triskel Arts Centre

WRITE RECORD PERFORM Residency applications

New residency and development opportunity for jazz and improvising musicians

Triskel Arts Centre and Improvised Music Company are pleased to announce a new edition of the WRITE RECORD PERFORM residency programme in partnership.

This programme of WRITE RECORD PERFORM will allow a professional musician working in jazz or creative improvised music dedicated time, space and budget to develop a new musical concept in a holistic way. The work will be developed from its initial stages, professionally recorded, and finally, given premiere performances for audiences at Triskel in Cork and in Dublin.

With a budget of up to €10,000 for the project, the artist will also have physical space to develop work at Triskel in Cork and at Improvised Music Company’s Space Programme location in Dublin. Mentorship and guidance will also be available for the artist from Triskel and IMC.

The first edition of WRITE RECORD PERFORM, which is ongoing, resulted in violist Beth McNinch of Musici Ireland commissioning two new works from Cork composers Irene Buckley and Linda Buckley, while Abbey Blake of post-punk band Pretty Happy created a new audio-visual piece exploring Cork’s post-punk history.

In the Irish improvised music scene, pressing issues are apparent around space to develop and create new work. The role of the arts centre as a developmental, creative and performance space is a huge one, and WRITE RECORD PERFORM is just one way in which Triskel and IMC are working to address these issues. The divisions between creating, performing, and recording music which are created by current public funding structures can also pose problems to musicians in developing their work to its fullest potential. In improvised music, the creation and performance of music are often simultaneous, and can’t be easily distinguished. The WRITE RECORD PERFORM structure takes into account the totality of a musical work, and allows it space to breathe and develop.

Tony Sheehan, Artistic Director at Triskel, said, “Triskel’s objective with WRITE RECORD PERFORM is to accompany artists on their journey from creation to recording and finally the staging of their work. We are especially delighted that IMC are joining forces with us to expand the scope and reach of the programme, and the inclusion of two Venues will greatly increase the opportunities available to artists working in jazz and improvised music.”

IMC Director Kenneth Killeen said: “WRITE RECORD PERFORM is an exciting new opportunity for Irish and Irish based jazz and improvising musicians. It is a holistic response to the natural lifecycle of new work. It stems from the combined experiences of Improvised Music Company and Triskel Arts Centre in developing new Irish work over the past 30 years. Our goal is to provide the time, space and resources to develop, rehearse, record and present new work to audiences, all within the scope of one project. We believe this accurately reflects an artist's vision for their work from generation to documentation to live premiere and we're delighted to be working with our colleagues in Triskel Arts Centre who have been champions of this artform in Ireland.”

Applications for the WRITE RECORD PERFORM programme will open to artists on Tuesday 1st November, and close on Friday 27th January.

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