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12 Points as curator on Apple Music

Exciting news as 12 Points festival is now a curator on the Apple Music platform. Fans of our festival of jazz discovery can look forward to lots of playlists showcasing artists who have performed at 12 Points over the past 11 years, curated by year of performance, country, style, instrument and other themes, as well as other excellent acts who belong to this community of innovative emerging artists.

Over 500 creative professionals have performed at 12 Points since its inception in 2007, with in excess of 5,000 acts applying through our open-call system from across Europe.

Winner of the inaugural award for ‘Adventurous Programming’ from Europe Jazz Network, 12 Points prides itself on finding the hottest emerging jazz acts from all corners of Europe and keeping our finger on the pulse of each new generation of players.

Follow 12 Points on Apple Music and check out our first PLAYLIST of the 2017 festival programme!

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