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Marco Mezquida MADRID Med Res

12 Points Day 1 has arrived!

Excitement is in the air today as 12 Points festival begins in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain with our first three acts The Embla (Denmark), Marco Mezquida (Spain) and the Eva Klesse Quartet (Germany).

Since arrival in this beautiful city the 12 Points crew have been welcomed by stunning architechture, sunshine, views you wouldn't believe and an amazing local team at the Victoria Eugenia with the Heiniken Jazzaldia crew who have been absolutely fantastic in getting us set up with everything. We have been a busy bunch since our arrival but in between we have been taking every chance to take in the sights, beach and delicious food.

Walking into this year's venue for the first time was enormously exciting for the 12 Points team and we can't wait to see hundreds of delighted faces walk into the grandeur of the Victoria Eugenia tonight! 880 silky red velvet seats are filling up fast for tonights groundbreaking lineup:

20:00 - 20:50 The Embla (Aarhus)

This pair strip away and deconstruct music, peeling and paring away everything unnecessary and reducing it to the primitive forces of one voice and one drum, melody and rhythm. These New Danish Jazz nominees (2015) evoke a naked savagery of pulsating rhythm and expressive vocal that cuts through the air, direct to the bone.

21:10 - 22:00 Marco Mezquida (Menorca)

Intense and bright pianism as well as a wealth of improvisational ideas reflecting both his Spanish heritage as well as his broad idiomatic understanding of piano music across genres, adopting concepts freely from the classical and jazz canons, the vanguard, free improvisation, rock and flamenco.

22:20 - 23:10 Eva Klesse Quartet (Leipzig)

Klesse has assembled a strong quartet of talented german musicians, who all contribute to her striking compositions. Without placing herself at the forefront Klesse leads the band from the drum throne with a light and delicate style full of intricate brushwork and dynamism which allows her music to breathe freely and flow effortlessly.

It's going to be a fantastic night!! Find out more here

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