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12 Points honoured as EFFE Laureate festival

As the 12 Points team landed in Dublin airport last Thursday, after a brilliant 11th edition of 12 Points wrapped in Aarhus, we were informed that 12 Points had been selected as one of the 26 EFFE Laureates by the EFFE International Jury. The Laureates are chosen from amongst the 715 Label recipients for their exemplary work and commitment to festivals’ role in the arts and our societies. As an EFFE Laureate, 12 Points will be promoted by the European Festival Association throughout the summer, and we are also in the run for the EFFE Award 2017-2018.

26 festivals are highlighted from amongst the 715 EFFE Labelled Festivals by the EFFE International Jury for their exceptional quality, work, commitment and impact within their contexts and territories.

These 26 festivals are in the run for the EFFE Award handed out on 18 September during the Arts Festivals Salon in Brussels, hosted by the Centre of Fine Arts – BOZAR.
In the coming weeks the stories behind these festivals will be revealed one by one on the EFFE website

Pawel Potoroczyn, chair of the final EFFE Jury meeting, is “delighted with the result which is representative for the whole EFFE Label list covering 39 countries. The geographical reach, diverse festivals’ scope and diversity in arts disciplines, as well as a strong social engagement, are reflected in these 26 EFFE Laureates celebrating the diverse festivals’ community all over Europe”.

The 26 EFFE Laureates (in alphabetical order) are:

12 Points, Ireland
Africtions - captured by Dance, Germany
Altofest International Contemporary Live Arts, Italy
ASALTO Zaragoza , Spain
Athens Digital Arts Festival , Greece
Bábkarská Bystrica TOUR - Double impulse, Slovakia
Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival, Cyprus
Edinburgh Festival Fringe, UK
Edinburgh International Festival, UK
European Film Festival Palic, Serbia
Festival of Five Churches, Hungary
Festival of Wonder, Denmark
FMM Sines - Festival Músicas do Mundo, Portugal
Gdansk Shakespeare Festival, Poland
Gender Bender, Italy
GOGOLFEST - International Annual Multidisciplinary International Festival of Contemporary Art, Ukraine
International Theatre Festival - Varna Summer, Bulgaria
Les Eurockéennes de Belfort, France
Mittelfest, Italy
Ravenna festival, Italy
Tallinn Architecture Biennale , Estonia
Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre, Georgia
TANEC PRAHA - The International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Movement Theatre, Czech Republic
Theaterfestival Boulevard 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Utrecht Early Music Festival, Netherlands
Walk&Talk Azores, Portugal

The EFFE International Festival Jury members are:

Sir Jonathan Mills (Chairman EFFE International Jury, composer and former Director Edinburgh International Festival – Australia, UK), Tamar Brüggeman (Co-Director Wonderfeel - Netherlands), Peter Florence (Director Hay Festivals – UK), Keng Sen Ong (Festival Director Singapore International Festival of Arts - Singapore), Haris Pašović (Theater director, Director East West Centre Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina), Pawel Potoroczyn (CEO of University SWPS in Warsaw - Poland), Renato Quaglia (General Manager FOQUS Foundation - Italy), Irene Rossi (Couleur Café - Belgium), Fruzsina Szép (Festival Director Lollapalooza Berlin and Board member Yourope - Hungary).
Find more details about the EFFE International Jury here.

EFFE is an initiative of the European Festivals Assocation co-financed by the European Union.

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