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12 Points PLUS Tour 2012

On the road with us have been 2012 artists Big Blue, Actuum, WorldService Project, Thought-fox and Maciej Obara Quartet.

2011 artists Elifantree, Kaja Draksler's Acropolis Quintet, PELbO and MeTaL-O-PHoNe

Donkey Monkey, Mari Kvien Brunvoll and TrioVD from the 2010 edition of 12 Points also played as part of the 12 Points PLUS programme.

The next edition of 12 Points PLUS is January 2013 at WinterJazz Festival in Flagey, Brussels

An interview here with Elifantree when they appeared with 12 Points at the 53rd Ljubljana Jazz Festival in February this year

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