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12 Points 2012 Hugo Carvalhais 28 PORTUGAL29

12 Points Talks : Hugo Carvalhais (2012) PORTO

What was the highpoint of the festival – from your own experience?

Simply playing my own concert and being a 12 POINTS artist.It was the ideal experience. For the first time we had the opportunity to be part on a major Festival with bands from all over Europe. It was great to get in touch with a very professional organisation, and, at the same time contact with journalists and promoters which can be so important for our aspirations. It was a great opportunity to present our show and the music we really believe in to all of them and the public.

What are your musical plans for 2012? Tell me about gigs, festivals, recording etc
Next May we will be releasing our second album which we are very enthusiastic about on Cleanfeed records. In terms of live playing, there are some concerts booked here in Portugal but we hope we can start playing abroad and become one of the first representatives of the new Portuguese jazz generation in Europe.

After the success of his debut album Nebulosa, featuring Tim Berne on saxophone, Hugo Carvalhais released his second album called Particulain May this year, with his regular band mates ( Gabriel Pinto, Mário Costa ) and the participation of soprano revelation Émile Parisien, member of Daniel Humair’s New Reunion Quartet, and violinist Dominique Pifarély, a regular Louis Sclavis companion.

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