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Aengus Hackett embarks on NAVIGATOR Jazz Residency at The Courthouse, Co Wicklow

Guitarist and composer Aengus Hackett begins his residency at The Courthouse Arts centre in Tinahely, Co. Wicklow today as part of IMC's NAVIGATOR jazz residency programme for 2022.

The 14-day Navigator Jazz Residency programme offers jazz and improvising musicians professionally remunerated time and space to develop and perform work, while building creative and professional relationships in new locations.

Aengus Hackett will be staying in the Tinahely area with his young family during his residency period at The Courthouse.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to be embarking on the IMC Navigator Residency at The Courthouse Arts Centre. As an artist it is rare to get the support to focus on your work for an extended period, away from the distractions of day to day life, and I feel very fortunate for this opportunity.
Community engagement with the arts is something very close to my heart and I’m really excited to work with and be inspired by the local community of Tinahely.
In recent times, nature has been inspiring my work more and more. So I’m also looking forward to drawing inspiration from the beautiful surrounds of Co. Wicklow and the nearby ancient oak trees of Tomnafinnoge Woods.” - Aengus Hackett


Aengus Hackett is renowned as a jazz guitarist of the highest calibre, and an integral part of the jazz scene in the West of Ireland via his work with Galway Jazz Festival and his ‘JAZZGate’ at the BlackGate Cultural centre. His creative projects are truly eclectic, and include explorations of Irish and Turkish folk music, Javanese Gamelan and post-rock. Aengus also releases under the name ‘Penji’ exploring his lifelong passion for electronic music.

Aengus Hackett is also part of IMC's 30/30 programme, a bespoke platform & development programme supporting 30 of Ireland's finest improvisers over a year.

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