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ÄTSCH perform at jazzahead! Club Night

In 2018, Dublin-based quartet ÄTSCH were the first ever Irish band to perform at jazzahead!’s Club Night. This year, they have been invited to return and perform for a second year, on Saturday 27th, 8pm at the Rebels Club, taking their place amongst a host of respected European bands. For the past 4 years, Improvised Music Company has sought to increase Ireland’s exposure of its jazz talent at jazzahead! Working directly with Culture Ireland and their export arm Music From Ireland, we are delighted to see a talented Irish band like ÄTSCH making their mark on the European scene at jazzahead!

Jazzahead! is one of the worlds largest showcase festivals and industry trade fairs. It is now one of the most important international professional markets for jazz and improvised music of all persuasions. The four-day event attracts more than 3,200 industry attendees from over 55 countries, including hundreds of concert and festival bookers, labels, publishers, distributors, managers and the world's media all in one place. This year’s conference is taking place from 25-28 April 2019 in Bremen, Germany.

Guitar - Matthias Winkler
Drums - Hugh Denman
Bass - Eoin O'Halloran
Piano - Graham Bourke

Founded by guitarist Matthias Winkler in 2016, Dublin-based quartet ÄTSCH perform instrumental music in the spirit of exciting jazz improvisation within the sound aesthetics of modern-day Postrock. The band merge lyrical melodies with strong individual solo performances always striving to find the right balance between atmospheric soundscapes and exciting improvisation. Their influences include Postrock musicians such as Sigur Rós or Explosions in the Sky, as well as contemporary Jazz artists like Gilad Hekselman and Julian Lage.

ÄTSCH take the stage at jazzahead! Club Night on Saturday 27th 8pm at the Rebels Club, Buntentorsteinweg 217, Bremen, where they also performed a well-received set at jazzahead! 2018.

Also performing at jazzahead! this year are 12 Points favourites The Rite of Trio at the European Jazz Meeting Night on 26th April. The jazzahead! showcases are also live-streamed on Facebook for anyone who can’t make it to Bremen.

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