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Alarmist new single and performance at InJazz

A gift from the past to the future in Alarmist’s new single.

No, really, according to the title, it is a gift. Released at the end of May, the 12 Points alumni’s newest track is entitled ‘Bronntanasaurus’, a play on the Irish word for gift, ‘bronntanas’. It’s the first taste of their upcoming LP Sequesterer which will be released on the 19th of July.

The single release is the start of an impressive season for Alarmist. Between now and the LP release in July, they’re also performing in an high-quality young European line-up at InJazz Rotterdam, on the 27th June 2019. As a Europe Jazz Network member, IMC are delighted to have played a role in placing an outstanding young Irish band at this important European event. IMC will also be at InJazz, on conference panels highlighting island jazz scenes in Europe and the issues of transnational mobility. You can read more details here about the Irish presence at InJazz.

Given the quality of the new music, Alarmist’s upcoming performances are an exciting prospect. On ‘Brontannasaurus’, while the soundworld created by their synthesisers sometimes gives off a nostalgic trace of a seventies movie, they’re firmly rooted in the present with their math-rock-influenced percussion element. There is a cinematic quality throughout the track, as it moves from an airy-sounding and imaginative beginning to a deeper and more intense groove - the orchestral elements of Alarmist’s soundworld being put to very effective use. Alarmist’s characteristic forward-driving energy mean that it never loses its momentum, and carries the listener easily through its full 7 minutes.

The track has already been well-received, described by Nialler9 as "a track that swirls between low-end psychedelia, melancholic jazz and synth expressions that is in my estimation, among the band’s best work.’ Everything is Noise called it ‘a time-bending waltz through the band’s current sound portfolio… you shall not be disappointed’. The only pity is that, outside of Ireland, the joke of the title won’t come across.

Now performing as a trio (Neil Crowley, Elis Czerniak and Barry O’Halpin), the band performed in their original quartet line-up at 12 Points 2014 in Sweden. More recently, they also gave a well-received performance in The Grand Social at this year’s SPECTRUM Festival. They are well-respected on the Dublin scene and have performed at other festivals including ArcTanGent in the U.K. Keep up-to-date with them on their Facebook.

Sequesterer will be released on 19th July on the Small Pond Recordings label.

Listen to ‘Bronntanasaurus’ here on Spotify.

Incidentally, we hope we’re not the only people who thought of this brilliant cartoon by Twisteddoodles when we saw the track title.

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