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Artists announced for Piece By Piece

IMC and Triskel are coming together to host a weekly sequence of online solo performances called Piece By Piece featuring leading Irish improvisers beginning on Friday 10th April at 8pm.

Each artist’s input performance will influence or inspire the next performance in this musical chain. Piece by piece, artists will create new improvised work, based on the preceding work. Improvising musicians are uniquely skilled at interpretation and spontaneous creation allowing for fresh creation of the highest calibre.

These eight sequential solo performances in the new ‘Piece by Piece’ series will be broadcast via IMC's YouTube channel, as well as IMC's and Triskel's social media platforms on Fridays at 8pm, beginning on Friday 10th April with a ‘live’ solo performance from acclaimed guitarist and electronic improviser Shane Latimer.

Other artists commissioned in this series include woodwind instrumentalist, composer and producer Seán Mac Erlaine, world-class improvising pianist Izumi Kimura, virtuoso trombonist and composer Paul Dunlea, composer, pianist and arranger Cormac McCarthy, improvising violinist, violist and composer Cora Venus Lunny, harpist and sound artist Úna Monaghan, and a duo input from couple saxophonist/composer/producer Nick Roth and Olesya Zdorovetska, vocalist, poet and composer.

Enjoy fresh new music, influenced in real-time, from world-class Irish improvising musicians, telling the story of these strange times through new music and live performance, piece by piece.

IMC and Triskel are committed to continuing to employ artists and engage audiences, particularly during these challenging times.

Friday 10th April: Shane Latimer - guitar/electronics

Friday 17th April: Nick Roth - saxophones & Olesya Zdorovetska - vocals.

Friday 24th April: Seán Mac Erlaine - clarinet/reeds/electronics

Friday 1st May: Cormac McCarthy - piano

Friday 8th May: Cora Venus Lunny - violin/viola

Friday 15th May: Paul Dunlea - trombone

Friday 22nd May: Izumi Kimura - piano

Friday 29th May: Úna Monaghan - harp

‘Piece By Piece’ is one of IMC’s new online initiatives to support and sustain the Irish artist community. Additionally, we are currently promoting online music lessons, promoting album releases in the place of live concerts as well as featuring a number of useful career focused articles in our website’s Resource section.

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Piece by Piece #1: Shane Latimer

Read Shane's reflections on his piece HERE.

Piece by Piece #2: Nick Roth & Olesya Zdorovetska

Read Olesya & Nick's reflections on their piece HERE.

Piece by Piece #3: Seán Mac Erlaine

Read Sean's reflections on his piece HERE.

Piece by Piece #4: Cormac McCarthy

Read Cormac's reflections on his piece HERE.

Piece by Piece #5: Cora Venus Lunny

Read Cora's reflections on her piece HERE.

Piece by Piece #6: Paul Dunlea

Read Paul's reflections on his piece HERE.

Piece by Piece #7: Izumi Kimura

Read Izumi's reflections on her piece HERE.

Piece by Piece #8: Úna Monaghan

Read Úna's reflections on her piece HERE.

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