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2014 Programme Announced!

We are delighted to finally announce the 12 acts that have been chosen for 12 Points 2014.

Taking place in the wonderful Norrlands Operan in Umea, Sweden 10-12th April.

Opening Night of 12 Points 2014 : Thursday 10th April

12 Points 2014 hits the ground running with some big beats from the Swiss Alps. Schnellertollermeier might like to self deprecatingly refer to themselves as ‘from the backwoods’, but behind their wall of sound, there is musical sophistication at work. The guitar power trio gets a 21st century overhaul that sits at the crossroads of the European improvising tradition and brute rock from across the Atlantic. The melodic lines come tight and fast, anchored by strong rhythmic architecture that builds to imposing thunderous peaks.

Saxophonist Elin Larsson, has been on our radar since the release of her powerful 2009 debut Live and Alive, and since then she’s established herself as an important voice in the next chapter of Swedish jazz. Crucially, she’s maintained a working group through that period, and the the band oscillates between light and shade, pivoting around anthemic compositions that freewheel across the genres, always expressive and openhearted.

Norwegian group Pixel’s 2012 debut Reminder was a shot of adrenaline with its sprightly alliance between Indie Rock and outward looking jazz. Led by bassist and singer Ellen Wang, Pixel merge knotty jazz compositions with radiophonic vocal choruses that are both catchy and satisfying. This is a band with real bite, bridging the gap between jazz and pop. Drummer Jon Baar doesn’t hold back while trumpeter Jonas Vemoy and saxophonist Harald Lassen multitask as they render rich unison hooks around Wang’s pop ingénue vocals at the service of proper songwriting, all done with a tongue in cheek disposition that is pretty irresistible.

Click on the names below for music, links and info on the artists

Performing on Thursday 10th April

SchnellertollerMeier (Lucerne, Switzerland)

Elin Larsson Group (Stockholm, Sweden)

Pixel (Oslo, Norway)

Friday 11th April

Five38 (Paris, France)

Foyn Trio (Aarhus, Denmark)

LABTrio (Gent, Belgium)

Saturday 12th April - first set

Violet Spin (Vienna, Austria)

Alexander Hawkins (Oxford, UK)

Herd (Helsinki, Finland)

Saturday 12th April - second set

Alarmist (Dublin, Ireland)

Marcin Masecki (Warsaw, Poland)

The More Socially Relevant Jazz Music Ensemble (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

*LISTEN* to the 12 Points 2014 PLAYLISTHERE

We'll fill you in with more information of this year's artists soon smile

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