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Arts council music policy

Call to participate in Arts Council’s Music Policy Survey


Calling all jazz musicians and any other associated jazz professionals.

The Arts Council plans to produce a Music Policy and Strategy in 2022 to guide its decision-making in relation to music, and has begun a process of widespread consultation to inform its development.

For jazz professionals, it is absolutely essential to contribute specifically to this survey.

This is an important and singular opportunity to make jazz voices heard throughout Ireland via this initial consultation phase. Collectively we can send the clearest message to the Arts Council to ensure that jazz music, it’s key practitioners and it’s core audiences have the strongest and most sustainable position nationally in the years to come and that this specific music art-form is meaningfully accounted for across any Music Policy and Strategy.

Please fill in and share this survey, to help inform their decision making!

Your opinion and experience is important.

Deadline December 12th.

Find the survey through this link

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