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Celebrating 30 improvisers for 30 years of IMC

In 2022 we’re celebrating 30 years of IMC’s work developing jazz and improvised music, and looking back over the 30 years IMC has been privileged to spend working with Ireland’s fantastic jazz and improvising musicians.

Even more importantly, we’re looking forward to the next 30 years of Irish improvised music, and with our brand new 30/30 programme, we’re taking this opportunity to spend the year highlighting 30 of Ireland’s outstanding improvisers, the ones who are writing the future, who we believe you should watch.

We're currently seeking nominations and applications for 30 outstanding improvising musicians to work with over the year, highlighting and platforming their work and providing opportunities and resources to help them develop their careers.

As part of 30/30, we’ll be showcasing the diverse creations of these 30 Irish and Irish-based artists. We’ll platform their work, talk to them about the music they make, and offer them an opportunity to record a piece of music for a limited-edition record.

Each artist will be featured on a special new section of our website for music-lovers and programmers to explore, and we will be circulating a final highlight reel to festivals, venues, and programmers across Ireland and Europe, encouraging them to platform this outstanding Irish talent. We’ll work with all 30 artists regularly over the year to provide a bespoke mentorship that fits their musical journey, with help around areas including publicity, performance opportunities, recording, and development.

For audiences, this will be the perfect opportunity to hear what the future of Irish jazz and improvised music sounds like! You can find your new favourite artists, and get up to speed with the best improvised music in Ireland, the sounds you’ll be hearing at festivals and venues near you in the coming years.

ARTISTS, if you'd like to apply to be featured as a 30:30 artist, and work with us creating the perfect year of performance platforms, mentorship, and other opportunities, you can fill out the form HERE!

And for music-lovers in general, if you can think of an improvising artist who youthink should definitely be featured here, you can nominate them with a very quick entry form HERE.

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