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Casa da Musicia PORTO

Gearing up for PORTO in February 2012

Porto is a city of genuine people, historic buildings, passionate artists, modern architecture, beautiful churches and little squares (it is a Unesco World Heritage city); a city embraced by both the Douro river and the sea – it is a unique location!

I was born and raised here, and it is where I always will return, bringing my experiences from foreign countries to melt with my native culture.
On the blessed North of Portugal, Porto struggles for a recognition that it deserves. The singular artistic voices that are born here are part of this movement of emergence and affirmation. Porto is the birthplace of the first Jazz education course of superior level in the Iberian Peninsula, as well as the most renowned Jazz Orchestra in the country: Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos – an incredible place of musicianship and music sharing.

After my studies at the Music School of Performing Arts (ESMAE) in Porto, and the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music (CODARTS) I put together a quintet to play my compositions and recorded my first CD as leader of this project. Devil’s Dress was released this year by Tone of a Pitch Records and features Zé Pedro Coelho (tenor saxophone), André Fernandes (guitar), Demian Caubaud (bass) and Marcos Cavaleiro (drums).
The 12 Points festival was a great opportunity and experience for me as a young musician trying to get my voice heard outside of my hometown. This Festival is a special meeting of open-minded artists. A word of sincere appreciation for the great hard work of the people behind 12 Points; they are highly committed to making this festival a brilliant event for the audience and a warm and special experience for the artists.

Myself and some other musicians have created a jazz association in Porto with the aim of promoting local musicians and developing an international jazz circuit in town. The city has a lot of great musicians, with active and creative projects, and a public faithful to the music made with passion and truth. The Porta-Jazz Association was born last year as a meeting platform for the artists and the people that want to connect with this cultural reality.
We are ready to receive the 12 Points Jazz Festival 2012 at the impressive Casa da Musica. I am very happy to have the next “12 Points generation” coming to town. Welcome to Porto!

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