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Give the Gift of Music

Support Irish music and musicians by giving the gift of music this holiday season. Ireland’s creative music-makers have a huge range of things to choose from, from albums (whether you prefer digital or classic vinyl), to merch, to subscriptions, which will give someone a continuous gift of regular new music over a longer period of time! Have a browse through.

Be sure to check out our Album Listings for even more options.

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Icons of Jazz Christmas collection
The perfect gift for the jazz-lover in your life - access to three online concerts of iconic jazz, available for 2 weeks from Christmas.


Danny G & The Major 7ths ‘The Lookout’
Pre-order to support the printing of this album on a beautiful limited edition vinyl, from Danny Groenland and a stellar cast of musicians, and get a digital download also! Perfect for the record collector in your life.

Stephen Heffernan ‘Solo Piano Improvisations’
Stephen Heffernan’s new album of solo piano improvisations, an ideal gift for the pianist or piano-lover.

Ian Wilson ‘Wild is the Wind’
Built around wind instruments and showcases a number of fantastic musicians, Wilson's new worke explores his continuing interest in examining the world around us through music, both the political and the ecological.

Andrew Hamilton 'Joy'
Irish composer Andrew Hamilton performs his own virtuosic, deadpan and movingly personal work for voice and violin.

Eris136199 ‘Peculiar Velocities’
CD & Digital versions of the new album from Han-Earl Park, Catherine Sikora, & Nick Didkovsky. Insectoid ASMR glitches to powerful ballads of weight and light; gentle, languorous shimmers to startling No Wave noise; raspy double-guitar hockets to gutted, dismantled chorales.

Victor Lazzarini ‘Voices Inside’
Debut CD from Irish-based Brazilian composer Victor Lazzarini. A variety of music, ranging from vocal explorations to a jazz-inspired eulogy to John Coltrane. A mosaic-like portrayal of the eclectic nature of Lazzarini's compositions.

Directed by drummer Dan Walsh, Fixity is a Cork-based experimental music group, and have recently re-released their material on Bandcamp, with digital downloads, as well as a few limited edition cassettes and vinyls available.

Aengus Hackett 'Shimmer'
"The musical moments which happen in the heat of the moment during improvisation have always been the most exciting to me. This series of pieces is my effort to capture that in the writing process."

Stephen Davis 'Room to Dream Trio'
Recorded live at SARC Belfast January 2020.
Stephen Davis - Drums and Composition
Neil Charles - Bass
Alexander Hawkins - Piano

Impermanence Trio 'with // without'
The ancient and the modern, tradition and invention coalesce through the group's unique instrumentation: mixed Indonesian gamelan + piano, double bass, trumpet + live electronics.

Snowpoet 'Thought you Knew'
Thought You Knew is the second album from Snowpoet, the London based band led by Jazz FM Vocalist of the Year (2016) Lauren Kinsella and composer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Hyson

John Walsh 'Irlanducía'
Debut album of original flamenco guitar compositions from Irish guitarist John Walsh.

Umbra 'West'
West is the debut album of Irish Math-Jazz quintet, Umbra, chronicling a solo journey guitarist and bandleader Chris Guilfoyle took along the West Coast of the U.S.

Vicky Langan 'The Palms'
Recorded at the grotto in Granard, Co. Longford on the 30th anniversary of Ann Lovett's death, 31st January 2014.


Adam Nolan Subscription
With a regular subscription, you can receive all of the music that Adam release for free, as well as special member-only content, including live performances, bonus recording material, merch, video content and other creative writings. Ideal for fans of experimental music and creative concepts.

Dan Walsh Patreon
Dan Walsh is a musician, composer and producer from Cork, exploring interaction between Tradition and Time, primarily through improvisation and other contemporary musical means. Become patron to receive regular recordings, along with exclusives including samples, sheet music and more.


Tribal Fingerstyle Guitar with Niwel Tsumbu
Acclaimed guitarist Niwel Tsumbu takes teaches you African fingerstyle guitar-playing from the comfort of your own home, with dissection and demonstration of how all the component parts of the style slot together.

Jazz Vocals with Róisín Mulliez
Special offer for vocal lessons post-Christmas. Galway-based Róisín Mulliez works mostly with kids and specialises in jazz vocals.

Rob Strong Biography 'Still Going Strong'
He may be 73 years old this year but Rob Strong, as his name suggests, is still going strong! The Derry native, with the sensational blues/soul voice, is celebrating an amazing 55 years on the road this year.


Eddie Lee Photography
Bassist and director of Sligo Jazz Eddie Lee has been pursuing his passion for landscape photography more and more in recent years, hand in hand with his love for the outdoors and particularly Sligo’s breathtaking landscape. Explore his web shop for locally created prints and high end canvas prints.

Musicians of Ireland, please let us know if you have any options for Christmas gifts in your merchandise, patronage, or other platforms! We’d like to share these opportunities with our audiences all through this winter, so please let us know if you have any ideas. You can find some ideas we've collected in our article HERE.

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