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Giving the gift of christmas

Give The Gift Of Music This Christmas!

Get behind Irish music and musicians by giving the gift of music this holiday season. Ireland’s creative music-makers have a range of things to choose from, from albums, to merch, to subscriptions. We've put together a list of great ideas of some of what's available from a host of Irish musicians. And if you're a musician reading this - be sure to let us know if you'd like to be included in our Christmas gift idea list!

IMC's Incubator: Jennifer McMahon & Patrick Stefan

What better gift to yourself, or the music lover in your life than to be part of a community of creative champions supporting two Irish artists in pursuing their musical ambitions? Join us on this new journey as together we champion the work of 2 Irish musicians, Jennifer McMahon and Patrick Stefan.

Invest €5 a month to become a Champion of the Incubator initiative, and IMC will match your €5, doubling the funding for these two outstanding artists. You will also receive exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content from Patrick and Jennifer. Check out our Incubator page for more information!

Carole Nelson - Night Vision

Carole Nelson Trio released one of IMC's favourite albums this year with Night Vision. Grab your copy today! Nelson has also chosen to donate all proceeds from her Bandcamp Discography this December to Unicef Ukraine, giving fans and music lovers the chance to support a very important cause. For more info click HERE

Zaska - A Better Way

This year saw the release of the amazing second album A Better Way from Zaska. Head over to Zaska's store for exclusive deals on vinyl, merch and more for the coolest gifts this Christmas! Visit Zaska's store HERE


Aoife Doyle - Infinitely Clear

Aoife Doyle released her beautiful record Infinitely Clear in 2022, which is right at the top of the best Jazz albums of the year. You can buy it on CD as well as digitally from her website HERE

Kevin Brady - Plan B

Kevin Brady's Plan B album released via Ubuntu Music has just been listed as one of the best albums of 2022 by the globally renowned DownBeat Magazine. Pick it up this Christmas from his BandCamp today HERE

Kevin Brady plan b

Roamer - Lost Bees

Roamer released their debut album Lost Bees earlier and 2022, with the supergroup receiving a 5-star review from The Irish Times. Treat that special someone to one of the finest albums of the year via the Diatribe Records store HERE

Roamer lost bees

Neil Ó Lochlainn & Cuar - Umhaill

Neil O Lochlainn and Cuar released their brilliant cinematic second album Umhaill this month which you can pick up on CD from BandCamp HERE


African Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons with Niwel Tsumbu

Acclaimed guitarist Niwel Tsumbu takes teaches you African fingerstyle guitar-playing from the comfort of your own home, with dissection and demonstration of how all the component parts of the style slot together. Book yours HERE!

Adam Nolan's Subscription Service

Receive all of the music that Adam releases, as well as special member-only content, including live performances, bonus recording material, merch, video content and other creative writings. Ideal for fans of experimental music and creative concepts. Subscribe now HERE.

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