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IMC launches Performer Promo discount tickets

IMC love having musicians in our audiences, and we know that most musicians would love to come out to more, if they could.

As our way of saying thanks to our audience, and as one way to help you get out to as much music as you would like, IMC are launching Performer Promo tickets, a limited run of discounted tickets which will be available for lots of IMC gigs, via a discount code.

We hope you’ll come to more gigs, meet more and different musicians, hear lots of new and interesting music, and be inspired to create different things of your own, and we’ll always be delighted to see you at our events.

For musicians working or studying, you just have to sign up to our new and improved Musicians’ Newsletter to get hold of codes which will let you access discounted Performer Promo tickets for loads of IMC gigs. With the refurbished Newsletter, you’ll also get regular updates on different opportunities and events coming up that can help get your music out there.

Sign up to the Newsletter here, and we hope to see you at lots of our events in 2019.

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