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IMC Podcast: WAX ON #3 Louis Armstrong

IMC's WAX ON series hosts and evening once a month to celebrate a different icon of jazz. Our latest event, WAX ON #3, was a delightful evening of listening to old records and learning about another great jazz legend: LOUIS ARMSTRONG.

On Wednesday 17th January, the Vintage Room at The Workman's Club was full of jazz fans, getting together to remember and appreciate Louis' work. Led by Irish Times music critic Cormac Larkin, our jazz panel included vocalist and actress Susannah DeWrixon, trumpter, radio presenter, and Doctor of music Linley Hamilton, and academic and life-long jazz enthusiast Ivor Browne. Our esteemed panel shared their insights and memories of Louis Armstrong's music, and welcomed some wonderful comments from members of the audience.

Check out the music and conversation for yourself on the WAX ON #3 podcast here.

Fans of the event and the podcast will be delighted to know that tickets for our next events WAX ON #4 John Coltrane, and WAX ON #5 Thelonious Monk, are on sale now!

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