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BAN BAM Podcast Series

The BAN BAM podcast explores creative work from inspiration to execution, through conversations with a host of women working in jazz and creative improvised music.

Listeners get an insight into different musicians’ approaches to the creative process and their work over the course of a career, along with deep-dives into some particular works, inspirations and areas that define them.

Kicking off the series, we talk to the three recipients of the 2021 BAN BAM Commissioning Award 2020/2021 (Sue Rynhart, Cora Venus Lunny, and Úna Monaghan) about their process in creating their new works. We’ll explore the sparks that can be a starting point - a short story recommended by a friend, a childhood memory, or a feeling that needs expression in a different way. They’ll take us through how and when they create music, and how life and the pandemic has played into their work this year.

LISTEN HERE to the BAN BAM Podcast for diverse perspectives on music and musicians’ careers - from the musical work of improvising and composing, to daily practices and project-planning.

New episodes will be released each Monday on Spotify, Apple or wherever you get your podcasts. It will also be shared via the IMC website and social media.

The BAN BAM Podcast is part of the BAN BAM Initiative, which launched in 2017 through a series of informal research activities, mentorships and a one-day festival highlighting women in jazz and improvised music. IMC are committed to striving for a gender balanced programme, and in supporting and developing the careers of women in this genre.

BAN BAM includes a bi-annual Commissioning Award from IMC in partnership with Moving On Music. The next BAN BAM Commissions will be awarded in 2025.

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