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Be A Creative Champion: INCUBATOR 2023

Be a creative champion for €5 a month! Directly support music in its making, with IMC’s new matched-funding artist-centric subscription initiative Incubator.

Invest €5 monthly for 1 year, and IMC will match that, doubling your investment and guaranteeing two musicians a monthly income to assist them in developing specific projects. As a champion of their work, you will get regular and exclusive access to their creative processes, be involved as the music develops and know that your monthly €5 is actively making all this possible.

What better gift to yourself, or the music lover in your life than to be part of a community of creative champions supporting two Irish artists in pursuing their musical ambitions? Join us on this new journey as together we champion the work of 2 Irish musicians, directly supporting their new projects over the year. Stay tuned to find out who!

Why join us?

As an Incubator Champion, your subscription means:

  • You attract match funding as each subscription will be matched by IMC so the artists receive twice the amount.
  • Regular (monthly) updates and perks including exclusive artist vlogs or diaries detailing how their music is being created from your support
  • A chance to chat and dive deeper on the creative process with the artists in an online Q&A’s.
  • Special access to podcasts discussing their music.
  • Video tour of the artist workspaces or collaborative processes.
  • You are listed as a supporter on the artists’ work in 2023
  • First looks and listens to works in progress and/or finished work
  • An exclusive Champions Only live performance showcasing the work you supported at the end of the project.
  • Other special opportunities throughout the year.

Incubator connects you with music in its making. It is a ‘Patron’ style initiative, where you, the Incubator Champion, support two musicians as they work on long-term projects over the course of a year. When you invest €5 a month (roughly the price of Dublin City latte!), your contribution will be matched by us, so that with your €5 subscription, you will be investing €10 into supporting the Irish arts community.

Engage with the Irish Arts Community
As part of the Incubator community, you’ll be involved in the music as it grows and develops. With your support, the artists can explore and experiment, while making music that moves us, speaks to us and tells us something. Incubator is a special chance to truly support and engage with the Irish artistic community - helping the artist to create, and seeing how art grows, changes, and develops meaning.

Helping Musicians in Ireland
The resources and additional security of the Incubator programme funding can allow musicians to create and develop, to make music that connects us, lifts our spirits and tells us stories.

Double The Funding!
Remember - every Champion’s funding is matched. If you have friends or family who would be interested in supporting creative musicians, please let them know. Each subscriber is really bringing double their subscription to support the artist!

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