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12 Points 2013 Nikolas Anadolis

Is that a wok I see on the stage?

The Hannah Paulsberg Concept were Friday night's opening act for the 12 Points 2013 penultimate set of events. Hanna's group from Trondheim in Norway appealed as strong to jazz traditionalists as to fans of innovative improv. After the pre-opening madness that always accompanies a sold out gig, Hanna's sax and Oscar Grönberg's piano settled the crowd into a jazz-induced comfort zone. The two other traditional jazz instrument players, Trygve Fiske on bass and Hans Hulbaekmo on drums, played some beautiful pieces so slowly and purely that we could hear every breath of the sax. A dreamy perfection to our ears! Nikolas Anadolis from Thessaloniki in Greece performed second at last night's show. Once I heard Nikolas sound-checking during the afternoon, I went to our merchandise stand to buy whatever CDs he had brought. I bought one of the insufficient number of compilation CDs that would sell out within seconds of his performance ending. I must admit here to being a massive Keith Jarrett fan so I was very excited about this solo jazz pianist. And Nikolas gave us music to forget the world to. And finally the boys from Vienna hit the stage. An event by koenigleopold will involve hip-hop, punk, comedy, rap, cooking wok, jazz and Guinness-drinking. The were highly entertaining, without being comical, and those who went along with the musical roller-coaster ride were well rewarded with one of the most wonderfully zany duo I've ever witnessed - and I work with stand-up comedians...

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