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Jazz Futures at 12 Points 2015

Jazz Futures

Taking place as part of 12 Points 2015, Jazz Futures is shaping priorities for the next generation of Europe’s jazz artists. A discussion and Q & A with input from the floor, this is a meeting of minds to discuss the current state of jazz.

Venue: Odessa Club, Dame Court, Dublin 2

Date: Saturday 18th April

Time: 11am - 3pm

Since the 2013 edition of 12 Points, we’ve been bringing the festival’s unique gathering of early career artists, music professionals, journalists and musicians from the festival’s rotating host city together in a Saturday morning sandpit called Jazz Futures. It’s a simple proposition; get everyone in a room together for a conversation, structured sufficiently to provide context and tone, open enough to encourage meaningful exchange of ideas and perspectives from the many corners of Europe that 12 Points embraces. Our goal is to set the agenda, disemminate fresh thinking, and inspire each other about the sustainable future pathways for jazz that will be shaped by generation 12 Points. This year, we invite two colleagues from the UK to stimulate the process. Tony Whytton is director of the Music Research Centre at University of Salford, where his work deals specifically with jazz and culture. He’s also project leader of Rhythm Changes, now a major annual conference that attracts the world’s leading jazz researchers, and he’ll bring us a snapshot of whats happening right now in the growing field of jazz academia, and what it tells us about the jazz world as we know it today.

Adrian Kirkpatrick leads the BA Pathway in Music Business at Leeds College of Music, educating the next generation of music leaders in an environment that embraces jazz, pop, production and classical music. He’s well placed to bring us up to speed on the emerging models that can allow independent minded musicians to flourish, irrespective of genre, and draws on experience working with everyone from Sony BMG, Roskilde Festival and Metallica.

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