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Jazz Promotion Network receives funding from Arts Council England

IMC is delighted to announce that Jazz Promotion Network has received an award of £90’000 from Arts Council England to develop the jazz workforce across the U.K. and Ireland.

Chairperson Kim Macari said "As well as providing vital financial support for a number of projects we've been developing for a number of years, what this grant does is buys us time and space to really make the most of everyone's skills and knowledge. We can now expand the organisation to include a delivery team and ensure we're using the time of the Board to its fullest; utilising the wealth of knowledge and skills each board member brings to the table. It's a very heartening and exciting way to start 2020 and we're grateful to Arts Council England for their support."

This grant will allow for the employment of a part-time staff to implement Jazz Promotion Network’s projects. These projects will include workforce training, training for promoters, producers and venues, and university-led research on current and potential jazz audiences. Jazz Promotion Network will also be a part of the delivery of the joint UK and Ireland stand at major trade show jazzahead! in Bremen this April.

Their continuing work also includes their annual conference. Jazz Promotion Network’s 2020 conference takes place from 25-26 June in Belfast, hosted by Moving On Music, and is the first JPN conference to take place on the island of Ireland. An exciting programme of performances and discussions will be released later this year.

What is Jazz Promotion Network?

The Jazz Promotion Network is a body aiming to advance and support professional development, information exchange and partnership opportunities for the UK & Irish jazz industry, artists and audiences. Their membership includes more than 80 organisations from across the U.K. and Ireland.

IMC is a long-standing member of Jazz Promotion Network and Artistic Director of IMC Kenneth Killeen currently sits on the voluntary board of JPN.

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