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Giving the gift of christmas

Musical Gift Ideas for Christmas

If you're running close to the wire and haven't found Christmas gifts for those music lovers in your life, we have you covered! Ireland's musicians have been playing a blinder this year, so have a browse through and you're sure to find a new album, some merch or some tickets for upcoming gigs that will land well with your musical loved ones.


The Workshop ‘Vol 1’ | buy here

Melina Malone ‘Aphrodite’ | buy here

Scott Flanigan ‘Clouded Lines’ | buy here, stream here.

RBG Trio ‘RBG Trio’ | buy here, stream here.

Christine Tobin ‘Returning Weather’ | buy here, stream here.

Bog Bodies ‘Bog Bodies’ | buy here, stream here.

Louis Stewart ‘Out On His Own’ (re-issue) | buy here

Louis Stewart & Noel Kelehan ‘Some Other Blues’ | buy here

Lee Meehan ‘Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars’ | buy here

Úna Monaghan ‘Aonaracht’ | buy here

East Forest & Peter Broderick ‘Burren’ | buy here

Adjunct Ensemble ‘Sovereign Bodies / Ritual Taxonomy’ | buy here

Bricknasty ‘Ina Crueler’ | stream here

Tom Portman ‘Eb & Flow’ | buy here

Izumi Kimura & Gerry Hemingway ‘Kairos’ | buy here

David Lyttle & Phil Robson ‘IN2’ | buy here

Linley Hamilton ‘Ginger’s Hollow’ | buy here

Five to Two ‘Talk Soon’ | buy here

Ben Prevo ‘Woodstock Days & Nights’ | buy here

Ben Prevo ‘New Blue & True’ | buy here

Sean Maynard Smith ‘Actually Yeah’ | buy here

Powernap ‘Sleep of the Just’ | buy here

Natalia Beylis and Eimear Reidy ‘She Came Through The Window To Stand By The Door’ | buy here

OR if you prefer a real browse through a record shop to find something perfect, some of our favourites are:

Abys Records here (ask Pawel about Polish jazz)

Spindizzy Records here

Freebird Records here

Tower Records here

All City Records here


DEC 28: Cooks But We’re Chefs at the Grand Social, Tickets

DEC 28 Kasia Eliasz 9 Piece Band at Arthurs, link

DEC 29 Ethiopian Community Party, link

DEC 30 The Dirty Jazz Club at Arthurs, link

JAN 01 Down with Jazz 90th Commemoration, Canon Donohue Hall, Leitrim, link

JAN 01 Rónán Ó Snodaigh and Myles O'Reilly at Meeting House Square, link

JAN 01 Jerry Fish & Dublin Gospel Choir at Dublin Castle, link

JAN 10 Music For Babies, Monkstown, link

JAN 15 Blue Monday Nude Beach Party at White Rock, link

JAN 20 BAN BAM Premieres from Carole Nelson, Meilana Gillard, & Bianca Gannon at Smock Alley, link

JAN 24 Kiefer at Whelans, link

Or of course, ANYTHING at Arthur's, link

Zaska merch here

Patrick Stefan merch here

Habibi Funk bandcamp

Gift that keeps on giving jazz perks with a Friend of IMC gift here

Photography workshops at Photo Museum Ireland, link here

A history of Jazz mapped out on the circuit diagram of a 1950s phonograph here.

Toner Quinn of Journal of Music has published a book.

Join the Crash Circle and give the gift of friendship with Crash Ensemble.

Merry Christmas!

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