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8 years, over 300 young jazz musicians…& 12 Points

It is of utmost importance to us to create a great environment for the artists performing as well the audience and guests.

We encourage the musicians to stay for the entire duration of the festival so they can take part in the Jazz Futures Conference, jam every night and get to know each other! Some great collaborations have come out of this atmosphere.

Here is what some of the artists had to say about 12 Points:

“12 Points really took some risks and showcased many sides of modern jazz, even the very extremes, arguably stepping beyond what most people would call jazz. I think that is highly commendable.” John Dikeman, Cactus Truck, Amsterdam (2013 artist)

“A great experience - there was such a nice vibe among the musicians, the people working in the festival, and the audience.” Lucia Cadotsch, Schneeweiss und Rosenrot, Berlin (2012 artist)

“The 12 Points experience has been amazing from the very first email. The organisation and work to get us over to Ireland was really helpful before we even got there and the welcome and atmosphere around the festival couldn't have been better.“Ben Cotrell, Beats n’ Pieces Big Band, Manchester (2013 artist)

“12 Points was an amazing experience for us. It presented an opportunity to check out new, exciting music from all over Europe... meet up with like-minded festival organizers, promoters and journalists in a supportive and relaxed environment. Several contacts made at 12 Points have come to fruition including a booking at North Sea Jazz Festival! 12 Points fills a gap in the industry by it's recognition and support of 'next generation' artists, it was an honour for us to be in Stavanger in 2010.”
trioVD, Leeds UK (2010 artist)

“I often experience a harsh climate on jazz festivals, but 12 points sets a great standard. I came home, not only with a great concert-experience, but with new friends and wonderful meetings. There's a true and warm spirit in 12 points and their crew that has the ability to spread trough out the audience, the musicians, the technicians, and the concerts.
Isabel Sorling, Isabel Sorling Group, Gothenburg (2011 artist)

It was very exciting to share the stage with all the other European bands and it is a great opportunity for musicians to see what the others are working on.
12points also gave us the possibility to meet European tour managers and festival directors...Above all, we would like to thank you all at IMC for the quality of your festival: everything was just perfect”

Emile Parisien, Emile Parisien Quartet, Paris (2009 artist)

"It´s very hard trying to make it as a jazz musician, and 12 points provides an excellent platform for young artists to get heard in the international scene."
Joonas Leppänen - Big Blue - 2012

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