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Prog jazz

PLAYLIST Progressive Jazz


Ahead of their concert in Dublin tomorrow night, we put our heads together with Phil Robson and Julian Siegel from seminal British progressive jazz band PARTISANS to create a PLAYLIST, giving a flavour of prog-jazz from early days to contemporary acts. A good introduction for those unfamiliar with the genre, or a nice selction (we hope you agree!) for the fusion converted.

Progressive Jazz is a term coined by Stan Kenton to refer to a type of experimental and somewhat dissonant big-band jazz music of the 1950s. The music was characterized by complex, loud, and brassy voicings with arrangements -- often titled "fugue" or "elegy" -- that convey an association with art music.

progressive jazz

1. an experimental, nonmelodic, and often free-flowing style of modernjazz, especially in the form of highly dissonant, rhythmically complexorchestral arrangements.
Compare bop1, cool jazz, hard bop, modern jazz.

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