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Spectrum 2019

SPECTRUM Festival 2019 Programme Announcement

DUBLIN March 7th-10th 2019

Presented by IMC, in association with Note Productions

This is the third edition of a weekender festival presenting a programme of cutting edge artists from the intersection where jazz and creative contemporary musics collide, with a focus on the live and the improvised.

On THURSDAY night the explosive pairing of Peter Brötzmann on reeds and Heather Leigh on pedal steel guitar open SPECTRUM 2019 with an exhilarating shot of free jazz from masterful septuagenarian Brotzmann, alongside his most recent creative partner in crime, American born and Scotland based Leigh.

FRIDAY night at the Button Factory sees the much anticipated return of award-winning composer Brian Irvine’s boundary-busting 13 piece ensemble, more than a decade since their last live show in Dublin. Winner of the British Composers Awards as well as the Radio 3 Jazz Award, Irvine creates music that effortlessly mutates elements of contemporary classical, improvisation, theatre, thrash and ensemble adventures in a manner that begets pure joy and virtuosity! Think a blissfully mutant cocktail of Zappa, Han Bennink and the Instant Composers Pool, with a heavy dollop of Beefheart, Ornette Coleman and John Zorn and you’re halfway there.

His superb hand-picked ensemble, including luminaries such as Matthew Bourne on piano and Steve Davis on drums, dish up “some of the most exhilarating and imaginative music you'll ever hope to hear.." (Washington Post)

SATURDAY night is a double-header of two thrilling live bands, one from Ireland, one from Finland, but both whose musicians have lit up the 12 Points stage, with all the freshness and originality that the festival programme denotes. Dublin-based math-rock outfit Alarmist make a welcome return to the scene with their quasi orchestral blend of experimental rock, jazz, math and electronic sounds. Meanwhile Pauli Lyytinen’s Helsinki based Magnetia Orkesteri present a fierce and controlled cornucopia of 21st century free jazz meets western chamber music, with tightly woven compositions in an all star quartet that also features celebrated trumpeter Verneri Pohjola.

Wrapping up the SPECTRUM weekend on SUNDAY is Dublin born and based multi-instrumentalist, turntablist and sample artist Djackulate (aka Jack Dempsey McMahon), performing a unique live collaboration at SPECTRUM 2019 with special guest H-Ci (Shane O’Donovan), another sonic explorer of the highest calibre. McMahon recently won the World freestyle scratching title in Berlin at the "Clash Of the Titans", and is a very keen collaborator who has worked with the likes of Jeff Ballard, and Tim Berne.

Support for this show comes from Margie Jean Lewis, known for her intricately crafted ethereal soundscapes and heart thumping electronic beats.

Taking place in four diverse city-centre venues over four nights, the SPECTRUM programme is prime fodder for open ears and open minds to experience the sounds of innovative artists from home and abroad that are creatively evolving and busting the confines of music genre.



Peter Brotzmann (DE) & Heather Leigh (US)

Thursday March 7th

The Fumbally Stables

Brian Irvine Ensemble (IE)

Friday March 8th

The Button Factory

Alarmist (IE) / Magnetia Orkesteri (FI)

Saturday March 9th

The Grand Social

DJackulate Jack McMahon (IE) and guests

Sunday March 10th

The Workman’s Club

Support from Margie Jean Lewis

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