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Take music lessons online from home!

Have you always wanted to polish up some skills on the instrument you learned years ago? Have an instrument in a cupboard that you'd love to play? Play an instrument well and feel like experimenting with learning new skills, perhaps improvising or jazz standards? Would you love to take up song-writing or composition but feel you lack the theoretical skills?

Through the COVID-19 crisis, many incredible Irish-based musicians are moving online, and sharing their skills teaching classes by Skype/Zoom and other platforms. If you're social distancing, this could be a great time to pick up some new skills safely from your own home, and will be a great way of supporting Irish artists who have lost a lot of income with cancelled concerts. It's a really unique opportunity to learn from some top-of-the-line artists who in normal circumstances may not take on many students because of the demands of their performing careers.

Below you can find a list of fantastic Irish musicians who are currently accepting students for online lessons. We'll continue to add to the list below, so if your instrument isn't featured yet, do check back and we may have someone later, or if there's a particular instrument you're interested in drop us an email to admin [at] improvisedmusic [dot] ie and we'll do our best to source someone for you.

Simon Jermyn (guitar/electric bass/improv) - LINK
Diarmuid Lally (bass/electric bass/guitar) - LINK
Damian Evans (bass, electric bass, aural) - LINK
Caitlín Nic Gabhann - LINK

Kevin Brady - LINK
Cote Calmet - LINK
John Daly - LINK
Steve Davis - LINK
Diego Joaquin Rodriguez - LINK
Dan Walsh - LINK

Lina Andonovska - LINK

Chris Guilfoyle - LINK
Simon Jermyn (guitar/electric bass/improv) - LINK
Diarmuid Lally (bass/electric bass/guitar) - LINK
Shane Latimer (guitar/electronics/improv) - LINK
Charlie Mooney - LINK
Guillermo González Rodríguez (guitar/piano/vocals) - LINK
Daniel Soro - LINK
Dave Whyte (jazz guitar/improv) - LINK
Rodrigo Almonte Zegarra (guitar/composition/improv) - LINK

Scott Flanigan (piano/organ/improv) - LINK
Darragh Hennessy (piano/organ) - LINK
Izumi Kimura - LINK
Greg Lloyd - LINK

Sam Comerford (saxophone, clarinet, flute, composition, improvisation) - LINK
Chris Engel - LINK
Meilana Gillard (saxophone/harmony/theory/composition/improv) - LINK
Carolyn Goodwin (clarinet/saxophone/improv) - LINK
Richard Ng Hernandez (saxophone/composition/arranging) - LINK
Catherine Sikora - LINK

Schools (multiple instruments)
Moved by Music - LINK
Newpark Academy of Music - LINK

Paul Dunlea (trombone/composition/arranging) - LINK

Oleg Ponomarev (jazz/hotclub) - LINK

Pia Dunne (voice/vocal improv/song-writing) - LINK
Paddy Groenland (vocal/improv) - LINK
Jenna Harris (vocal technique/jazz repertoire/improv) - LINK
Edel Meade (jazz voice/song-writing) - LINK
Suzanne Savage (children & adults) - LINK
Joan Shields - LINK
Olesya Zdorovetska (jazz/Latin) - LINK

Musicians - if you're accepting online students and would like to be listed, send us an email with your name instrument and a link to admin [at] improvisedmusic [dot] ie, and we'll do our best to add you if appropriate to our listings.

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