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Hugo Carvalhais PORTUGAL

That Friday Feeling at 12 Points in Porto

Local man, the self-taught double bassist Hugo Carvalhais and quartet ‘Nebulosa’, will kick things off at 9pm with this textured ensemble. A self-taught musician of the highest order, Carvalhais joins two of Portugal’s finest prospects, pianist Gabriel Pinto and drummer Mario Costa to form the core of Nebulosa along with the darkly compelling Lithuanian tenor saxophonist Liudas Mockunas.

Maverick pianist Livio Minafra follows with all the sonic possibilities that solo piano offers, from fragile intimacy to broad orchestral sweep
This Italian extrovert is an independent thinker that has already amassed an impressive body of work.

Friday night finishes up with the grungy and exhilarating WorldService Project. These five Londoners form a raucous and punchy quartet with Dave Morecroft on piano,Saxophonist Tim Ower, trombonist Ralph Clarkson, bassist Conor Chapman and drummer Neil Blandford to form a sound that grooves with raw energy.

It’s going to be a great start to a 12 Points weekend!

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